We take the stress out whilst maximising your profits. Giving you more time to do what you love.


We are an AirBNB Professional management business. We offer a co-hosting service to more effectively manage and maintain your property to gain higher returns.

BNB Hosthub is an AirBNB property manager who offers investment property owners the ability to co-host their property on AirBNB. We offer our services to take away the stress and hassle that comes along with the marketing, management and maintenance of your investment property. Our services include professional photography, copy writing, creating listings, cleaning and maintaining of the property, as well as handling all bookings and customer communications through AirBNB.

Along with these services, we also offer the opportunity of taking on a rental lease to subcontract on AirBNB. The benefit of subcontracting is, higher returns due to holiday rental pricing, less wear and tear to the property, due to shorter stays and regular maintenance and cleaning.

AirBNB offers a fantastic experience for all parties. The short term rental of properties provide the chance to add personal touches, deliver excellent service offers and a state of the art booking, that ensures an amazing customer experience.



Professional PROPERTY

Regular Maintenance
& Personal Touches



What is a Co Hosting partnership?

At BNB Hosthub, we manage your property through short-term, holiday accommodation with AirBNB and other platforms. We take the stress and hassle away so you can relax and enjoy the extra revenue.

At BNB Hosthub, we have a selection process that helps us determine if your property is appropriate to be manage through us. As you could imagine, not every property is suitable for short term letting. However, we aim to achieve a win-win result for all parties involved, even if it is just offering advice.


    Our Services

    Real Estate Property Marketing

    Preparing the promotion
    Evaluation / Pricing / Needs
    Create property listings
    Take Professional photos
    Update calendar & pricing
    Maximise bookings & revenue

    Professional Property Management

    Improve rental yields- stress Free
    Beating rental income
    Top rental prices – stress free
    Preparing the property
    Handle Reservations
    Message with Guests
    Respond to guest inquiries
    Reporting to Property Owners
    Weekly payments to owners
    Post visit Follow up
    Post visit Feedback  

    Regular Maintenance & Personal Touches

    Local area welcome pack
    Restock Essential Supplies
    Professional cleaning
    Professional gardening
    Professional handyman 
    Reporting of major issues

    Who is BNB Hosthub?

    Meet Corinne Green

    Corinne Green is the owner of BNB Hosthub and looks after the operations, guest relations, owner management, business development, cleaning and accounts. Corinne has invested and undergone training with BNB Professionals and has access to a support network including monthly seminars. Corinne started BNB Hosthub because of her love of travel and property.

    Damien Green also helps with cleaning, dropping off keys and minor maintenance,

    There are professional cleaners that assist with cleans after check out, a stylist, a photographer and trades as required.